AdCaddy™ – Affiliate Marketing for ISP’s—powered by Lorex—announces the release of the AdCaddy™, a low-cost affiliate marketing program for ISP’s. The AdCaddy™ is a turnkey program for gaining new small business subscribers while generating an ongoing stream of residential prospects from those same businesses.

The AdCaddy™ itself is a small, pre-configured table top display that holds business card sized ads. Because of its compact size, it can easily be placed on tabletops in bars and restaurants or on waiting room tables in service businesses of any kind. The ISP pays a sales commission to the affiliate [business] that allows the ISP to place the AdCaddy™ in their place of business.

Ken Janc is President of Lorex, the company behind . He says, “Any business that has customers killing time in a waiting room is perfect for the AdCaddy™. Tax preparation services, lawyers, doctors, hair salons, oil change services, the list is endless. Business owners love the idea of a free revenue stream. Plus, these same business owners need internet service to run their business. The ISP can sell them internet service and a way to not only pay for it, but profit it from it.”

“ISP’s are always looking for a simple, low-cost way to grow their subscriber base”, he continues. “This fits that.”

The AdCaddy™ and the ads that fit into it will soon be created online using an easy-to-use, online graphic design tool that launches on November 1st. You won’t have to be a graphic designer. If the ISP prefers, there will continue to be the option of having do the design work as they have in the past. specializes in providing turnkey marketing programs for wireless and wireline Internet Service Providers. More information may be obtained by contacting them directly at 800-792-8812 or