Important Information On FCC Form 477 Compliance

The FCC has made significant changes to the reporting methodology that all broadband providers must use when filing their semi-annual deployment data.

First of all, it’s now mandatory. In the past broadband data was submitted voluntarily to SBI state entities, which then submitted data to NTIA. Now the FCC has taken over the responsibility of the collection of data on broadband deployment from NTIA, requiring each provider to upload their data directly through the FCC’s online interface. This data needs to be updated every six months.

Another big change is that the provider must provide a list of all census blocks in which the filer (including affiliates) makes broadband connections available to end-user premises, along with the associated information on technology of transmission.

Note: Some services are offering to generate the census block lists based on subscriber addresses. This can be misleading as you might not have subscribers in all of the census blocks to which you provide service. will take your broadband signal kml or shapefile and map and identify the census tracts and the census blocks that are associated with your signal. We then provide you with a txt or csv file that you upload to the FCC – per their requirements.

The next filing deadline is 10/1/14.

Here are two ways to contact us if you need help identifying and listing the census blocks that are associated with your broadband signal:

• Call us at 800-792-8812
• Email us at

Who Must File FCC Form 477?
• Facilities-based Providers of Broadband Connections to End Users
• Providers of Wired or Fixed Wireless Local Exchange Telephone Service
• Providers of Interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service
• Facilities-based Providers of Mobile Telephony (Mobile Voice) Service

What Are the Penalties that Apply? Companies are reminded that failure to comply with the Form 477 reporting requirements may subject them to monetary forfeitures of up to $150,000 for each violation or each day of a continuing violation, up to a maximum of $1,500,000 (FCC Bulletin DA 11-1992).

It ain’t pretty but there you have it.

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P.S. More information from the FCC on Form 477 can be found at: