Lorex and Tazca Connects Partner to Launch Innovative Marketing Programs

Tailored for Wireless Internet Service Providers deploying 4G LTE

4GLTE Partnership will accelerate WISPs ability to identify unserved and underserved areas

ITASCA, IL July 22, 2014 – MarketBroadband.com, powered by Lorex, announces plans to partner with Tazca Connects to launch tailored innovative marketing programs for Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) deploying 4G LTE Fixed Wireless Broadband. Together, Lorex and Tazca Connects will accelerate the ability of WISPs and Broadband Providers to locate unserved and underserved rural communities with high speed Internet access.

“We offer Wireless ISP’s a chance to target new customers at the address level within their serviceable market with our Maps- To-Marketing Program,” said Ken Janc, President of Lorex. “A typical WISP overspends between 25-40% of their marketing budget by marketing to prospects that they cannot service. We have nearly eliminated that overspending. Lorex has spent years developing and testing various methods of mapping, modeling, deploying, and tracking advertising campaigns. These efforts have resulted in truly integrated multi-channel marketing programs that seamlessly deliver the 4G LTE message in a manner that is highly targeted, cost-effective and expedient.” Said Janc.

Tazca Connects high speed Internet service is powered by an innovative LTE software platform from Lemko Corporation, bringing cost-effective 4G LTE connectivity to residents and business in rural areas. The LTE fixed wireless broadband service expands the abilities of Operators to deploy affordable rural broadband infrastructure today with advanced features on a virtualized software platform at each cell site, directly connecting to the cloud. These benefits result in lower-up front capital expenses and ongoing operational costs.

“Together Lorex and Tazca Connects will accelerate the ability for WISPs to map and model their service areas for optimized 4G LTE deployments in unserved and underserved areas, enabling the lowest cost per location wireless broadband.” said Michael Sisto, Vice President of Sales at Tazca Connects. “We are pleased to show that with Tazca Connects, the economic and social benefits of expanding Internet Access is an affordable reality anywhere. Tazca Connects enables Operators to deploy wireless networks economically, as they would any IT enterprise solution or Internet of Things (IoT) application,” said Sisto.