MARKETBROADBAND.COM ANNOUNCES NEW STRATEGIC MARKETING TOOL, MAPS-TO-MARKETING announces a new strategic marketing tool that allows ISP’s to target market at the address level within their service area. This approach eliminates wasted marketing dollars spent on households and businesses that are not serviceable by the ISP. It also allows ISP’s with a mixed product offering like fiber and wireless to target offers based on the technology that best services the home or business.

Internet services providers deploy their service where they can get the best return on investment. While this makes sense from a practical standpoint, it makes targeting their marketing more difficult as most advertising vehicles use standard geographical boundaries like zip codes or postal carrier routes for distribution. These boundaries do not match up with the ISP’s service area and therein lies to problem for the marketing staff. has been using deployment maps from ISP’s engineering departments to facilitate more targeted marketing for several years. Maps-to-Marketing™ now allows the marketing staff to use non-technical mapping tools to target their marketing without the involvement of their engineering staff. The marketing staff uses free mapping tools like Google Earth™ to draw polygons representing the areas that the ISP wants to target their marketing. then uses GIS mapping tools to overlay the network deployment maps from the ISP’s engineering department to “clip out” the areas where the two maps overlap. then develops a highly targeted footprint through the use of these tools and then executes the marketing based on that strategy.

“ISP’s deploying mixed technology is more and more common,” Ken Janc, President of Lorex, the company behind stated. “With this new approach, the engineers can provide deployment maps of both a fiber and a wireless network, which will typically overlap. They only need to do this once. Then, marketing can draw polygons of target markets. We identify the fiber and wireless regions within the target markets and work with the ISP to execute the marketing that best fits each target area.” specializes in providing turnkey marketing programs for wireless and wireline Internet Service Providers. More information may be obtained by contacting them directly at 800-792-8812 or