Offers Tailored Marketing Program for COS Service Zones Demand Aggregation Campaigns, powered by Lorex, now offers marketing programs tailored specifically for COS Service Zones Campaigns.
“COS Service Zones is a cloud hosted demand aggregation solution. It allows an ISP to determine demand for broadband before they build. With COS, the intended service area is divided into neighborhood zones. The neighborhoods are defined by zones on the map with distinct borders. The ability to target marketing to the zones—at the address level—is critical for eliminating wasted marketing that falls outside of the service zones,” says Ken Janc, President of Lorex, the company behind

When executing a direct mail based campaign, a marketer traditionally has had to target by Zip Codes or Postal Carrier Routes. The challenge for ISP’s has always been that their networks do not have borders that specifically match up with those postal boundaries. To solve this problem for ISP’s, developed GIS Mapping tools that allow them to accurately extract only the business or residential addresses that fall within the network that the ISP has defined with either a GIS .shp or .kmz file.

“Because we can provide address-level accuracy in our targeting, it was a natural adjunct for us to work with COS. By developing a seamless process for structuring the demand aggregation solution and the marketing that feeds it, the ISP can focus more of their time on other aspects of the business,” adds Mr. Janc.

In addition to this unique approach to pinpointing direct mail campaigns, can also provide all relevant marketing material for a full campaign, including magnet banners for installation machinery, yard signs, banners, flyers, door hangers or any other marketing material you might need.

“With COS Service Zones, you need to spread the awareness of your project in the first place. Social media is critical, but traditional marketing and in particular mailers are very powerful. We are very fortunate to have found an established and experienced US partner that has an offer that fits like hand in glove with ours. This cooperation makes our customer’s even more successful in their demand aggregation campaigns,” says COS Systems CMO Isak Finer. specializes in providing turnkey marketing programs for wireless and wireline Internet Service Providers. More information may be obtained by contacting them directly at 800-792-8812 or