The Value Of Analyzing Your Competition

Most of you compete with other providers for customers – some at a very local level, others at a statewide or even national level. Have you ever run a Competitive Analysis to gauge the value and the marketing of your service?
Most of you know by now that we can strategically map your signal area for mailing and other marketing purposes. You may not be aware of our ability to create a detailed Competitive Analysis of your service area that you can use to help craft your own Value Proposition. A Value Proposition is simply the reason your prospect would rather buy from you rather than your competitors. More on this later.

Our Competitive Analysis for broadband providers supplies you with specifically targeted data – either in your service area or even a specific address in your area – of the other providers in the target area including:
• Provider Name and DBA
• Broadband Transmission Technology
• Maximum Advertised Download and Upload Speeds
• Typical Download and Upload Speeds
• Spectrum – if provided

Access to this competitive research allows you to:
• Identify the competitive landscape of your entire serviceable market
• Identify pockets where you have a competitive advantage—or disadvantage—for target marketing
• Understanding the competitive players: larger incumbents, mid-level and up-and-comers

Once you know all of the competition and the service they deliver, your next steps are:
• Using social media and product review sites to see what customers think of your competitors.
• Hitting your competitors’ websites for comparisons to your own offer and capabilities.
• Looking at your own products and marketing materials with the same inquisitive eye, and then place your findings side by side with your competitors.
Remember, your competitors aren’t who you think they are, your competitors are who your customers think they are.

And there you have it. If you are interested in having us create a Competitive Analysis that is specific to your service area call us at 800-792-8812 or email us at We are here to help you.