What Is EDDM In A Box™?

Economical Neighborhood Level Direct Mail Marketing Program—In a Box!

What is Every Door Direct Mail ®?

Every Door Direct Mail® is a USPS Program that is perfect for many small organizations that need to get their marketing message out to a local audience. While it is not right for everyone, it is right for some. EDDM In A Box™ from Lorex, offers three options for using this low cost program: DIY (Do It Yourself), U-Deliver and Full Service. Continue reading to determine if EDDM is right for you, then compare the three options based on your needs and give us a call. It’s that easy!

Q: Is EDDM In A Box™ Right For You?

A: EDDM is right for some but not for everyone. How do you know? If you can answer yes to all of the statements below, then EDDM is possibly right for you:

    • You want to mail to all mail stops on full carrier routes. This means all residences (single family, multi-units or apartments) and/or businesses.
    • You do not need to do any specific demographic targeting by income, home value, presence of children, lifestyle or any other attributes (i.e., everyone is your prospective customer).
    • You do not want to remove your offer from current customer’s mailboxes. It is alright for them to see a special offer that might be lower than they are currently paying.
    • An oversized postcard or bi-fold will work from a mail piece design standpoint.

If you answered NO to the above statements, call us about our other full service direct mail programs.

Q: Which EDDM In A Box™ Offer Is Right For You?

A: If you have decided that EDDM In A Box™ is right for you, you will need to choose which easy to use option is best for you:

    1. EDDM In A Box—DIY ™ is a low cost solution that lets you send up to 5K pieces a day – no postage permit required. We print your direct mail with the proper postal imprint on it and send it to your office. You are responsible for choosing the zip codes, bundling the mail and deciding when to drop the mail at the local post office and make the postage payment directly to the USPS.
    2. EDDM In A Box—U-Deliver™ offers a simple solution that puts the distribution in your hands but we do all of the work. You decide when to drop the mail at the local post office and we prepare everything and send it to your office. You deliver it to the local post offices and make the postage payment directly to the USPS.
    3. EDDM In A Box—Full Service™ frees up your time by having us do it all for you. You tell us when you want the mail to drop and we take care of everything including the postage payment and submitting your COOP claim on your behalf.
    Use the easy to follow guide below to determine which option sounds the best for you:


I know which EDDM In A Box™ product I want. What do I do next?
    • Contact us at 800-792-8812
    • Ask to speak to a Customer Service Representative about EDDM In A Box™
    • They will ask you a few questions to get your project started:
    • Where will you be mailing (City/State/Zip Code)?
    • Will you be mailing to specifically selected USPS Postal Carrier Routes or mailing in a radius (circle) around an address? Note: There is a five mile radius maximum.
    • Do you need a USPS Postal Carrier Route Map for reference?
    • How many households do you wish to mail?
    • When would you like to have your mail in the consumers mail boxes?
    • Which product would you like to purchase—DIY, U-Deliver or Full Service?

If EDDM In A Box™ is not right for you based on your needs, contact us about our other targeted direct mail programs. More mail piece design options, specific list targeting, removing current subscribers and very competitive rates are just a few reasons that these options are still the best ones for many marketers.
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