Manage Your Marketing Programs


As your virtual marketing department and turnkey fulfillment center, we have the marketing tools you need to not only compete – but to clearly position yourself ahead of the competition. Strategic tactics, pinpoint deployment, complete follow up and reporting. We send your ads to the right prospects, evaluate the campaign data and report back with the results.

We provide strong ad content in a wide range of marketing resources – both online and off, as well as rigorous programs to successfully model, map, deploy and track them.

Experienced marketing professionals know that the tools for managing marketing programs are as important as the tactics themselves. If the tools you use do not allow you to segment, target, track and measure, you cannot continuously improve your marketing strategy

Manage Marketing ToolsOur Marketing Tool Box provides a full suite of services for effectively managing marketing programs including:

  • Data Modeling: Understand your customers better – understand why they buy from you and find prospects just like them
  • Mapping: Know where your customers are, the types of neighborhoods in which they live to determine the most effective marketing programs to reach them
  • Targeting Tools: Once you know who your customers are, our targeting tools help you find more just like them
  • Tracking and Analytical Tools: Managing multiple marketing tactics and strategies requires sophisticated tracking, to identify what works–and what doesn’t.

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