Radius Marketing Around New Subscribers

Radius marketing around new subscribers is highly effective. That’s great news from a return on marketing investment standpoint, but don’t forget the impact of having many customers in one neighborhood.

If you are in any home services business, you’ll reduce your operational costs if you can service multiple homeowners within a short distance of each other. PLUS, don’t forget the power of a referral! When neighbors talk, your phone rings. Get neighbors talking about you with ProximityPlus™.

Marketing around a current customer address is a must for any business. Here is why:

  • Neighbors of a current customer–whether residential or business–have a very high propensity for buying the same product or service.
  • You minimize your labor and transportation expense if you can install or service multiple clients that sit in close proximity to each other.

Maps-to-Marketing: Proximity™ allows you to perform visual analysis of your direct mail or digital radius marketing.

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