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Targeting & Segmenting

Target & Segment
Targeting Is Mission Critical!
A great offer and amazing creative still won’t sell to the wrong prospect. You must target the right homes and businesses.

Our GIS Mapping identifies the right addresses. Then our Targeting Tools help you segment the data to determine which addresses have the right homes and businesses for your specific campaign. We utilize all key marketing data sources for:

  • Consumer Demographic & Lifestyle Data
  • Business Data
  • US Postal Data
  • New Movers
  • Managed Specialty Lists

Data can be segmented to match the profile of your best customers—or we can help structure tests to find the best prospects.

We are a preferred vendor utilizing all major data providers including
D and B
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Multi-Channel Marketing
Multi-channel Marketing

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Match Back Analysis & Predictive Modeling
Address-Level Match Back Analysis

Predictive Modelling distills high responders from your total marketing universe. Match Back Analysis closes the marketing loop by providing address-level response analysis.

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