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Address-Level Tracking

Address-Level Tracking

Buyers respond the way that they want and not necessarily the way the marketer wants them to respond. Direct mail recipients will go online and research a company and their products and services. They may turn up as an organic search response, but the direct mail generated the initial search.

Similarly, display and Facebook sponsored ads can impact response on each other–and other marketing tactics. If you don’t know which tactics actually touched–and potentially impacted–the recipient, how can you truly know what is generating the results that you want?

Call tracking numbers are still important, but there are more advanced strategies to target prospective buyers and then accurately track response. Cookies are notoriously inaccurate and can’t provide address-level tracking. Only using strategies like IP-to-Street-Address tracking pixels, view through pixels and address-level match back analysis can you maximize the return on your marketing budget.

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