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Match Back Analysis & Predictive Modeling

Address-Level Match Back Analysis

Match Back Analysis: Understanding True Response & Conversion

Every ISP should utilize Match Back Analysis. Without it, marketers are challenged with trying to divine response and conversion from data that is nebulous at best. Clicks and impressions are not sales. Having alot of both does not directly mean that sales that did occur came from those same impressions and clicks.

Direct mail, Address-to-IP digital display and even Facebook can be distilled down to a physical address. Response data can also be linked definitively to an address. With that, the responses can be linked–or matched back–at the address-level. You get a true and accurate picture of response–and the tactic that generated the response.

Predictive Modeling

While residential internet service has become a required service for nearly every household, some ISP’s still utilize our Predictive Modeling to determine who be more likely to buy specific services. Call us if you would like to talk about utilizing a Predictive Model drive more premium service sign ups or add on services.

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